n. & v.
1 a physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit. b that which has mass and occupies space.
2 a particular substance (colouring matter).
3 (prec. by the; often foll. by with) the thing that is amiss (what is the matter?; there is something the matter with him).
4 material for thought or expression.
5 a the substance of a book, speech, etc., as distinct from its manner or form. b Logic the particular content of a proposition, as distinct from its form.
6 a thing or things of a specified kind (printed matter; reading matter).
7 an affair or situation being considered, esp. in a specified way (a serious matter; a matter for concern; the matter of your overdraft).
8 Physiol. a any substance in or discharged from the body (faecal matter; grey matter). b pus.
9 (foll. by of, for) what is or may be a good reason for (complaint, regret, etc.).
10 Printing the body of a printed work, as type or as printed sheets.
1 (often foll. by to) be of importance; have significance (it does not matter to me when it happened).
2 secrete or discharge pus.
Phrases and idioms:
as a matter of fact in reality (esp. to correct a falsehood or misunderstanding). for that matter (or for the matter of that)
1 as far as that is concerned.
2 and indeed also. in the matter of as regards.
a matter of
1 approximately (for a matter of 40 years).
2 a thing that relates to, depends on, or is determined by (a matter of habit; only a matter of time before they agree). a matter of course see COURSE. a matter of fact 1 what belongs to the sphere of fact as distinct from opinion etc.
2 Law the part of a judicial inquiry concerned with the truth of alleged facts (see also MATTER-OF-FACT). a matter of form a mere routine. a matter of law Law the part of a judicial inquiry concerned with the interpretation of the law. a matter of record see RECORD.
no matter
1 (foll. by when, how, etc.) regardless of (will do it no matter what the consequences).
2 it is of no importance. what is the matter with surely there is no objection to. what matter? that need not worry us.
Etymology: ME f. AF mater(i)e, OF matiere f. L materia timber, substance, subject of discourse

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